Is this thing on?

Hi welcome back. Figured I’d pick up where I left off.

3 YEARS LATER! have I been touring for 3 years? no. but a lot of these past 3 years I’ve been touring. I don’t know why i stopped blogging. self consciousness? blog depression? People only read facebook? i’d rather read?
yeah maybe all of that.
whatevs. I’m BACKKKKKK!

This weekend is Chicago and Iowa City. We hit chicago punchy from driving 9+ hours. We stopped in Hannibal, MO at a diner for spicy black bean burgers and salad. Check it out. healthy! Also i cut up little broccoli and carrots for the ride. The show was at a little diy space called auxiliary arts club where the guys who run it also brew their own beer so with the price of admission they give you some of their latest…last nite it was english pale ale. tasty.
had a fun,sweaty show and even though my horoscope said that “in performance it is best to be reserved.” I wasn’t. I talked a lot.
Was great to reconnect with our nyc friend randi russo who is living in chicago now and painting up a storm and making art pieces. I wish we would’ve had time to see her stuff but alas….you blow into town and rock n roll you gotta make your home the venue and see what happens after that.
Was a pleasure to see The Curls play. They are a lovable band reminiscent at times of belle and sebastian…good songs! Michael from that band let us crash in his house and even gave us his bed. What a champion! Thank you Michael.
We got up early. We’re old, shut up. And then we went to breakfast at Flying Saucer. Black bean cakes with eggs and red pepper sauce with a side of mixed green and grits. HIGHLY recommended.
Then matt and i walked to the park and he did a bunch of jumping jacks and i stretched right there in the sidewalk doing some yoga poses and breathing loudly.  We walked and looked at the pond and a duck sitting in the shade and decided it was time to drive to Iowa.

I write you from a cafe called “java house” in Iowa City. This is where writers live.  Good writers come to iowa and soak in writerly ness. I just spilled a large coffee all over a table but this nice barista fellow who called me “ma’am” cleaned it up and gave me a new one. I feel guilty.
Not so guilty I didn’t ask for a new one. And a big cookie.
Look I’m hoping Iowa City goes a little better than last time we played here.
Last time I was sick. It was cold. We had bad chinese food.
But tonite it’s warm out.
It’s a saturday nite.
I think they’re feeding us dinner at the venue.
The little things.

More tomorrow.
Or in 3 years.
you never know!

About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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