poem for new york

driving fast on the FDR

how you walk down the street this is my walk boom boom boom

are they models? they look like models.

pierogies at veselka

rapid conversations hands hands and then you couldn’t believe it she said.

no, what i’m saying is about identity she said with a toothy smile……how are you in each moment fully yourself?
slice of pizza at 12:30am matt and I walking the lower east side and the streets still crowded. cool nite air still don’t need a sweater taking it to the subway  a little girl asleep on her dad’s shoulder.
walking with friends all day – getting into it. heavy and light conversations all of it  awareness new levels -we’re like oak trees in the middle of our life big leafy branches swinging around now with confidence and what’s next? the constant motion of this city I saw a woman completely take off her shirt and put on another one while walking down the street not missing a beat. boom this is how i walk!
stopping by our old apartment a tightness in my chest I told the construction worker “i used to live there”.  i looked up and remembered the rooftop and all the friends and parties and one time doing dance moves in a plastic swimming pool on july 4th and i laughed and then i sat down in the garden and cried.

oh new york you remind me of something that’s there all along but i forget sometimes.

the possibility of things

the possibility of myself

i call you home no matter how long it’s been.

About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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