when’s the next tour?

Ah yes the momentum of moving. well this is the thing isn’t it? once you stop you want to move again. jet lag has had us up at 6 am for two days in a row. I’m completely disoriented and wake up in the night wondering where I am and where the bathroom is and then sighing with relief that we’re home. jet lag is a strange experience -your brain gets a little fuzzy at a few points during the day -the first night we were home it’s like the edges of the room were in soft focus as I crawled under the covers -and next thing i knew i was waking up 10 hours later.

note to self: try not to go through houston airport for the transfer to KC – on one hand we were lucky cause we missed the ny storm but on the other hand – talk about the  most inefficient customs passport control ever. An hour and a half we were in line waiting. Matt and I tried to go through customs together (we usually do since we travel together) but because we weren’t married (!) they made me stand behind the line and go separately. oh texas. We almost missed our connecting flight. Though running through airports is one way to get your cardio in.

THAT was a fun tour! I’m still processing it. Little snippets come back to me. Now I can laugh about the hellishly long drive to nantes. Now that i’m not doing it. ha ha. whew that was a long one!


Thanks to everyone who put on shows for us and came to the shows! Thanks to people for giving so much to us, for being such kindhearts…..From Tina and Simon helping carry our bags around tube stations in London to the eccentric artist Nick who made soup before our nottingham show to Klaus loaning his CAR (!) for the 3 weeks of the European tour. To sweet Regensburg friends loaning their backline. To the man in Zurich who got the best dance party started ever. To the people that enjoyed our shows.  To the people who made amazing meals for us. (damn we ate well. from jacqui’s beef wellington in aberdeen to caro’s veggie curry in Zurich to anna’s risotto in regensburg). Seriously.

Thank you.


so what’s next?

first order of business. Try not to do so much. Enjoy a few days of resting. Have already made veggie chili and have eaten several bowls of kale. restoring.
We are going to jam though today. JAMMING! the weather is gorgeous here – was 75 degrees yesterday. I’m going to walk in the park. i’m going to buy a new hi hat stand. Find a dance class.  Call everyone i know. Change my voicemail message. You know, the usual.

(w/frances mckee in glasgow)

About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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