yo new york!

omg where am i? i’m so tired. i had coffee it doesn’t matter i coulda slept 12 hours last nite. i got 7. hey that’s more than a lot of people. i am lucky!
i have a red welt – what i think is an insect bite on my left arm. it’s hive-ey but i think there’s a bite mark. it itches a little but not too bad. maybe it’s a spider bite and i’m dying. this is like an episode of maron where he thinks he has mouth cancer cause there’s a black mark on a canker sore but turns out he just ate licorice and a piece got stuck in his mouth. maybe it’s just a mosquito bite?

last nite was so fun to play an early all ages show at sugar city! i love watching jack toft. he is a genius rapper improv performance artist. i learn so much every time. i mean you wanna talk about someone diving off a cliff. he told me he just drank a 5 hour energy shot and couldn’t stop talking. he talked politics over dance beats and then lay down on the floor in a wriggling humping the floor dance move. i mean, hello.  buffalo on a thursday nite!
difficult nite was gorgeous. i love shane’s voice. i love miles’ 80’s keyboards.
i loved hanging out with all of them on damian’s porch having chips and beers post show.

Today is rochester at meddlesome lab! . we just ate at our fave breakfast spot, amy’s place. lentils and broccoli. we ate at the co-op last nite. thai peanut tofu wrap with spinach. i’m eating better on tour than at home! though i’m also sleep-deprived so maybe it balances out to a state of normalcy even flow pearl jam there’s a lot of eddie vedder on bathroom walls i’ve noticed.
ok off to walk around in the sunshine.


About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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