what a feeling back in pittsburgh

tootey toot toot!
things i’ve left behind on this tour:

1 phone charger in detroit.

1 phone charger in richmond

1 purpley tee shirt in DC

1 kick pedal in beacon, ny

1 merch light in beacon, ny

matt left these behind in michigan:

burt’s bees face soap in kalamazoo, mi

insulated clean canteen in kalamazoo, mi


what is going on? i have never left so much stuff on tour before. we have checklists now. i’m losing it. or just relaxing. i can’t tell the difference sometimes.

so many great people we’re staying with on this tour and the reconnection of friends…it’s rejuvenating me.

rahne and kristen in baltimore and super chill fun july 4th with them and also new pals christina and andrea and keri/  and jen toner and jack in philly / sarah himmelfarb the doctor catch up time in DC and herschel and new pal loraine in richmond. and new york was ridiculous- come on!
i am planning a winter holiday there to see more friends.

not enough not enough. the intense social-ness of touring agrees with me.

in body news:

my shoulder has been hurting a little. i saw paula in new york and she said it might be because of how i’m holding the drumsticks/my grip……she says i’m holding my sticks like a timpani player…with the thumbs up and it’s putting strain on my shoulder- well actually pain is below my shoulder blade on the right side………am working on turning hands over in matchstick grip so it’s not straining but feel like i need to work on this more when i’m at home – i need time to incorporate a different grip in my playing. it’s the worst in the morning when i wake up….rest of the day the pain decreases as my body warms up.

is this boring? it might be boring. but note to drummers….check your grip. it’s one of the basics/ obvious things but you can forget…….
pittsburgh tonite!
it’s raining.
we’re playing in a bar called gooski’s.
they allow smoking there which makes me a little nervous cause me and smoke don’t get along that well but i can take breaks outside.
or maybe i’ll learn to smoke.
we are killing time at a coffeehouse called crazy mocha. we just ate a stale M&M cookie. i liked it.
and we ate at whole foods before that and got big salads. that’s how we roll. you have to eat your greens then you can eat whatever you want.
the one thing really motivating my performance tonite is knowing that pittsburgh is where they filmed flashdance.
welder by day/ dancer by night…what’s not to love?


About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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