Change, love, kansas, nyc.

So I’ve been waiting for the right time to blog about this and I think it’s NOW.
Matt and I are moving to Kansas April 1st! Before you go “WHOAAAHH NELLIE!” hear me out. You can still exclaim loudly if you must; I can’t hear you on this laptop.

Our financial situation has gotten to the point where we can’t justify paying so much rent in NYC, when what we really WANT TO DO is to get Schwervon! on the road touring more in the states. Matt’s dad lives in Shawnee, KS which is a suburb outside Kansas City. He has a large basement, and has graciously agreed to let us move in! Our plan is to get a car once we arrive and start living out Michael Azzerad’s This Band Could Be Your Life”.
Living in Manhattan, we can’t really think about of lots-of-touring-in-the-u.s, or getting a car because we are hustling to get an exorbitant amount of rent money together every month. I used to joke with my friend Tony if NYC got too expensive that we could always live in the bathrooms in the East River Park because they’re heated and well-lit. I thought about that, yes I did. And then the movie came out where Will Smith played the guy who was broke and homeless who had to sleep in the Public restroom with his kid, and he won an oscar and after that…the momentum was gone.

I’m not thinking of Kansas as “forever…” but for now it feels like a good decision.
It’s exciting to think about going someplace new and playing lots of new places.
I will miss a lot about nyc – my friends first and foremost! And our little apartment.
But there are adventures ahead. And I plan on blogging about them. And you’ll see us every few months when we pop back here to play a show and ask you to crash on your couch.

We have a Big Whopper Schwervon! NYC March show in the works, so stay tuned. Keep those ears perked like an elf running through the woods!
Also I’m working on U.S. tour dates in May so if you’re reading this and live somewhere in Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina – holler back. Hey, and
remember those recordings we did in Memphis last summer?
We’re releasing a track from those sessions digitally every other week, with free downloads available the first week.  Go HERE to listen to the first song, Truth Teller.

My love letter to you is still being written.

(photo by dany naierman)

(Our rooftop)


About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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3 Responses to Change, love, kansas, nyc.

  1. Susan Hwang says:

    If you were wondering what that was, that was me weeping…

  2. Barb Bennett says:

    I am so sorry you are leaving before we connected in NYC again. However, as long as I know where you are and that you are safe and happy, I am happy. Nothing is forever, and life is just one big adventure! Who knows what it will bring! Love and hugs!!! Barb Bennett

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