yo, part 2

Yo it’s two days! two days in a row i’m writing! ok relax let’s not blow it. weekend hopper in the can. I didn’t wash my hair all weekend. I did shower with old spice bodywash last nite though.
We were so tired on the way home we sang all the hits from the 80’s. No really. Never say goodbye. Shake it Up. Love Bites.
Corey Hart. THIS song. oh man. HOW?

“I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, So I can
Watch you weave then breathe your story lines
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, So I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes”

Iowa City. You are the cool writer man. You are the low clouds in a blue sky. You are “hey jack give me a stack”.  You are making me write beat poetry. Last night’s show was mellow. Despite the “there’s another show across town where people are at” thing and despite it being summertime in a college town – the people that did turn up were lovely.  We got a free dinner (I had a BLT and Matt had pork belly tacos), I interpretative danced on a great floor (clean enough to do the swimmer), and had some good convos about KC and public transportation (and the lack thereof).
Thank you Justin of The Sapwoods for being so sweet to us /playing with us/ letting us sleep on your soft pillow dream cloud couches.

We are home for a few days and then off again to STL on Friday. stay cool, do your laundry, cook something healthy…….make some lists. forget some shit. write some shit.
practice practice practice. I need shorts. I need sunscreen. i need shorts! summering!!

About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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