so right. the tour!
well after the mini hopper last weekend we had a week of getting ready… i thought there’d be more time to relax but we were running around part time working and errands and repairs and puppy eye surgery (she’s much better little strawberry!). the car had to get repaired with ball bearing alignment thingy (ooof over 600 bucks). they had to do WELDING cause little parts were frozen shut on waylon. And that’s just the necessity of repairs so we can drive waylon on this tour. when we get home we have to get front struts replaced. whatevs i know we all got shit to repair. but yeah unexpected the timing of this one.

We saw belle and sebastian the nite before we left in kansas city and it was so fantastic…films and dancing the whole way through! also heard sarah sing more than i ever had live before – what a killer voice she has!. stuart danced the ENTIRE show. i mean the cardio stamina. ridiculous. so fun to hang out with bob and the gang after the show. a couple hours passed in the blink of an eye and we left at 1am armed with cereal, an avocado, and a packet of parmesan cheese….one thing about schwervon…..we don’t let a rider go to waste!

St. Louis brought the dance party last nite!  people walked into the little place busting moves for the free years and whoa thunder and it was great…a hot little joint that serves coffee and drinks where they push the tables back to dance. uh huh. and our fave STL indie power couples were there! sleepy kitty and bruiser queen hell yes! stayed up late talking with paige and evan on their rooftop and it felt like we were in between worlds kind of new york and midwest all at once.  After talking to them about their recent theatre experience I now want to see some immersive theatre (like houseworld yes).

After a lovely breakfast today of quiche and potatoes and kale salad (my fave- thanks sk!) – we got on the road. We’re in champaign now in the cooled air living room of john hoffleur (songwriting genius behind the beauty shop). looking forward to playing outside this evening at a venue called mike n mollys. first we’re gonna have a little bbq grill action. bring on the burgs!

About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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