i want a toastie

I have not blogged once. i guess i’ve been on an internet break this tour a little, which is nice after the summer of booking. matt is great about pics and short blogs so hey….put another shrimp on the barbie and i’ll read my book here. Am on 3rd game of thrones book.

right now matt is watching clips of ny hurricane damage and we’re sipping coffee in bed. new york friends you’re in my thoughts and i’m hoping you’re warm and safe.luckily we can chill at dave’s for a couple hours before heading out to the train onto our next show.

last nite
There was rain seeping in on the roof of the castle hotel stage.
luckily it was only a few drops behind matt.
the actual show sounded a lot better than soundcheck – i could hear the vocals and we kept guitar volume down and some fabric on the snare which helped us be able to hear the vocals. castle hotel was what they call a “PROPER PUB”. it was warm and cozy with lots of local ale choices and tables to sit at. we had an ale but then i felt tired so i had a coke then herbal tea. and at least a couple litres of water. it’s all about the water really. keep hydrated. there was a girl who came up to me right after and said she was inspired by my drumming and was a drummer too.
i love that shit.
and another girl came up and said she last saw us when she was 15!
and here we were still doing music and she liked the changes and how we developed our sound.

When janet weiss said she drums for her life every night i know what she means. you put all of yourself into it…..you can’t really phone it in (well i can’t) even if it means you’re a bit sluggy one night or speedy the next – you gotta be there fully warts and all. put on top of that the new stuff matt and i are doing which are these quiet harmonies on top of the music….and even my drum teacher paula was like, “well that’s pretty hard what you’re trying to do.” ha! no wonder i feel like i’m patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time. how the hell does georgia hubley do this? i will say that touring and playing 28 shows in a row has made me BETTER on these songs though. it really has. or maybe i just FEEL better about them which makes me PLAY better.
we surf in and out of the 4th wall – i like talking to the audience between the songs. i like listening to matt talk too. you know – if you’ve every seen him play you KNOW.

i am excited to get home and start working on new material. now that courage is out and the songs are reaching their potential it’s a bit of closure and we can make space in our heads for NEW NEW NEW.

There is nothing like playing so many shows in a row and the intense fatigue of it…..it’s actually not the PLAYING that is fatigue-ing – it’s the travelling and constant motion.  after about a week i stopped partying so much and staying up so late. not like matt and i are party animals we totally are not -but even staying out dance party till 2am  -i just couldn’t survive at that pace. more sleep less booze and good food. sadly exercise has fallen off the agenda entirely. now it’s about stretching and lifting our bags up and down train stairs. i guess that IS exercise…just not the kind i was used to.
our sets are shorter in the uk cause we’re usually playing with at least 2 and sometimes 3 other bands.
in germany we were playing hour long sets – sometimes more….it was crazy…..
I miss klaus and Andy.
we were so lucky to have german driver friends helping us. Having that one extra person to drive and help with gear and logistics was wonderful. also those guys are such sweet people – what did we do right in this life to have them travel around with us? And let me tell you I was kind of a brat sometimes cause i get frustrated by things i can’t control – tired and crabby bickers with matt and a couple tear filled meltdowns – and these guys were kind and had a sense of humor throughout it all …. the thing with me is that i feel stuff really intensely and then it’s over.  i’m transparent but it passes quickly– matt and my motto is just “get it out” and then it’s gone and you can think about something else.

i feel like touring is getting easier for us on some levels…..is it that i’m more experienced and know what i need?
or is it that the shows are getting just a tiny bit better? with our development as a band and with more people at the shows?
maybe a bit of both.

i’m trying to savor these last few shows.
i know i’ll miss touring the second we’re not doing it.
am REALLY excited about glasgow and seeing frances and eugene and paul again! and our friends adey & emma!
also psyched about aberdeen and re-connecting with jacqui and gary….the plan is the shows end sunday and we hang out in aberdeen monday and tuesday and go home on wednesday.

and gummo gummo gummo i will bury my nose in his fur i miss him so!

by the way london was amazing. not only was the nite kickass (thanks tom from david cronenberg’s wife for organizing the whole shebang) but we got to see old friends (tina! richard adderley!) and we had a day off at simon and kelly’s and kelly cooked us delicious vegan meals the entire time. i will dream about the thai red curry.

pictures to come when i’m back in kc. and more tour notes (paris! switzerland!)

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I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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