tornado dreams

I never would’ve guessed 3 months ago, I’d be living in KANSAS dealing with a TORNADO WATCH.
It was a bit of a dud in our neighborhood, just a little light rain and some wind. We were able to eat dinner outside last night at the picnic table. I think the most exciting thing was when my Dad left me a voice msg that said, “”Nan. I don’t mean to scare you but there are tornado warnings in Kansas. I think you have a basement so if you think the tornado is going to be in your area, GO DOWN THERE. JUST GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT!”
Also Matt’s Dad has a little weather alarm alert thing in the kitchen and at 4pm we heard this long beeping sound and were like “what the heck is that?” Then this low baritone voice says, “The National Weather Service has announced a Tornado watch in these counties…..”

I had a dream last night about Keith Richards.
I might’ve mentioned I read his autobiography last summer and I even wrote a song about him…inspired by him and the stones and well being a lifer musician really…
In the dream, Matt and I were in a sunny park in Lawrence, Kansas (I went to Lawrence for the first time a couple nites ago to see an outdoor art space show by This is my condition/Folkicide/Holly Hunt/Scraping Teeth (I saw 3 drummers- inventive drummers – that blew my mind. Also, I think I love Lawrence.). But back to the dream.
We were in a sunny park sitting on picnic tables and green grass with about 20 other kids and musicians….Keith Richards pulls up and says he’s gonna play a set. Matt and I are rapt with attention while he sings and plays on an acoustic guitar. The other people there didn’t really know who he was….and started talking through his songs. Keith looks at Matt and I and says, oddly enough, in a southern drawl, “Well…..I think I’m gonna play a song about going back to Lawrence. That ok? I’m gonna dedicate it to Matt and Nan here.” Matt is smiling at him and Keith says to Matt, “Why don’t you come on up here and play it with me, coach?”
Matt starts to walk up to where Keith is and my dream ENDED.
I wanted to hear them play together!
I was so happy in that dream though. Keith Richards! He was such a sweet and gentle crooner.

Right next to that dream I had a dream about Kim from Matt & Kim. Not as good as the Keith dream.
I dreamt that schwervon was supposed to play a show at Radio city music hall and I was thinking I could borrow Kim’s drums as her band was also playing. We did a soundcheck…actually there were two kits set up outside and she and I were both playing and jamming, and she was smiling and very friendly and I thought, “damn, we could make up a fun collabo song!”  Then she came up and said, “well I gotta pack these up now.” I said, “Kim I thought I could borrow your drums for the show? ” She mumbled, “um….i don’t……um no you were confused um no…..” and then she packed them up and left.
I had 10 minutes to get to the show. Where was Matt? I kept calling, “Matt! Matt!” I was panicking cause I knew we were really late. I was walking down a ratty looking hallway in a ratty building that I was sure Matt was in – maybe it was the place we were staying- An old woman in a housedress who was feeding tuna to her cats was blocking the hallway. Why she wasn’t feeding her cats inside her apartment?  So I was walking up and down the hallway of this place calling for Matt when I woke up.
Damn. I was so glad that one was a dream it made me so anxious.

Agenda this week is practice! car search! booking tours!
you know the usual. except the car thing is new.
right now it’s super sunny and 70 degrees. i love it.


About ntwildstyle

I am a musician, writer, singer, improv actor, dancer and a virgo. I live in Kansas City, MO after many years in NYC.
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